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360p - 4 axes
360p - 5 axes
View of crane move from rear
View of crane move from head end

Showreel - Please scroll down to see all 4 videos:

We have 2 examples of the crane doing its moves.

The system is taking control of both the crane axes, and the remote head. 2 spare axes are also available (eg for focus and zoom)

The first move is 4 axes
 - track, rotate, pan & tilt

The second move is 5 axes
-track, lift, rotate, pan & tilt

Clips 3 and 4 are hi-res (4 and 5 axes respectively)

The last 2 clips are views of the crane doing its moves.

They have been stitched together to show our "model" changing her outfit.

High Resolution Links:

These video clips are between 2MB and 10MB.

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